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Battlefield Band - Home Is Where The Van Is


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Battlefield Band have been at the forefront of the resurgence of Scottish music and song. Since the 1970s they have pioneered a great diversity of instruments, ancient and modern as an integral part of the sound. Breaking down barriers with an inventiveness and instrumental prowess that defies categories and make this music exciting, creative and accessible to all.

This album was originally released in 1980

MELODY MAKER - Beauty courses through it and theres also an underlying fervour and real passion, though not of a knees-up, swing-kilt style.

BELFAST TELEGRAPH - An excellent showpiece for the bands singing, instrumental and songwriting talent.

Track list:

1. Major Malleys March & Reel
Malcolm Currie
2. Bonny Barbry-o
3. Look Across The Water
Mrs Garden Of Troup
The Keelman Ower Land
4. Braw Lads Of Galla Water
5. Up & Waur Them A, Willie
6. Joseph McDonalds Jig
The Snuff Wife
Thief Of Lochaber
7. Cockle Geordie
Miss Graham
Miss Thompson
8. The Boar & The Fox
9. Blackhall Rocks
10. Lads O The Fair
11. The Cowal Gathering
The Iron Man
Dancing Feet
Dick Gossips Reel
12. Mary Cassidy