All our downloadable albums now include sleevenotes March 18 2016

Temple Records - Downloads with SleevenotesWe're pleased to say that in addition to our whole catalogue being available to download directly from this site, we now include the original sleevenotes with each downloaded album.

It's taken us quite a while to do this, but Temple Records and the artists on the label have always spent a long time preparing album sleevenotes. These notes contain lots of information about the tunes, songs and musicians, and we view this as a really valuable part of the package when you buy an album; something that can often get overlooked with the downloading experience.

Our price is still  better than itunes and their ilk, the sleevenotes are included, plus you've got the bonus of knowing that you're buying direct, which allows a small label like us to keep releasing records of these great traditional musicians. Have a browse through the catalogue at

If you've previously bought a download from us that didn't have notes included, and you'd like to get hold of them, just drop us an email; we'll send them along to you.