Hear a track from Alasdair White's award winning debut solo album May 07 2016

Here's the opening track from Alasdair White's award winning and critically acclaimed debut album 'An Clàr Geal' (The White Album)


Alasdair hails from from the Isle of Lewis, and is well known as Battlefield Band’s virtuoso fiddle player. He joined the group aged 18, as complete a musician and composer as any of the band had heard. His musicianship and tune making have had a great influence on the group's repertoire and continuing success, and playing with Battlefield Band has given him that wider audience that his music deserves.

Alasdair has appeared on many on Temple Records releases, including his solo album, his work with Battlefield Band, and other recordings where he has featured as a guest artist.

You can find more of Alasdair's work here