Welcome to the new Temple Records website! June 29 2015

We're currently working hard on this new, improved website which should be faster, more accessible for mobile devices, and provide a much improved shop. We've also revised our prices & shipping, and we now offer free CD shipping worldwide and free book shipping in the UK.

In addition to CDs and some back catalogue vinyl, we will now be able to sell downloadable albums and ebooks (coming soon) directly from this website, and we'll add these formats gradually, starting with some key releases and eventually making our whole back catalogue available. Please do let us know if there's any particular releases that you'd like to get hold of in these downloadable formats and we'll give them priority as we work through the catalogue.

Hopefully you'll enjoy using this new site and, if you do, we'd appreciate if you'd spread the word to your friends about it. Also, please do let us know if you have any feedback (positive or negative), which will allow us to improve anything

If you have any feedback or questions, if you're looking for an album you can't find, or you'd just like to say 'hello', drop us an email at info@templerecords.co.uk or give us a call on +44 (0) 1875 830 328