'Green Thursday' Offer: 10% off our Irish Music collection till the end of November November 26 2015

Black Friday fatigue? Try Green Thursday instead, with 10% off our Irish Music collection until the end of November.

Irish Music at Temple RecordsInspired by Battlefield Band's recent Beg & Borrow album, which explored common musical ground between the Scottish & Irish cultures, we've decided to run an offer on the great Irish Music in our catalogue. From Thursday 26th November until the end of the month, we're offering 10% off all albums in our Irish Music collection.

Just enter the word 'GREEN' into the discount code box when checking out and the discount will be applied to any music (downloads or CDS) from this collection. Albums that aren't in the offer will go through at full price as normal

Beg & Borrow is a new release, and isn't included in the offer, but with 18 tracks & 12 special guests it's great value anyway! You can find Beg & Borrow here.