25% off work by our current featured artist: Peter Nardini June 17 2021

Peter Nardini is an acclaimed Scottish artist and singer/songwriter. He defies easy categorisation but, if you insist I point you in the right direction, I would say that his songs have the politics of Billy Bragg, the edge and wit of Loudon Wainwright III, the dark romance of Jacques Brel and the accent of Billy Connolly...

Peter is a prolific songwriter, and two of his albums are available on Temple Records: 'is there anybody out there?' & 'Hug' (hear the title track below) both of which merit further investigation for the uninitiated. These two albums are both available at a reduced price while Peter is our current featured artist, so enjoy!

Art lovers and collectors will be interested to know that a number of Peter's original paintings will become available via online auction on 27th June 2021, and you can find out more here

Here's a Peter Nardini song for those of you who are fed up with the social distancing and could do with a hug...enjoy!


"...a very talented artist ... could be just the minstrel Glasgow needs to chronicle changing times"
Glasgow Herald

"Peter Nardini is a major discovery. It's good that a new generation, divorced by two decades from the unfortunate turn the post-Dylan singer-songwriter animal took, are now able to get back to the basics and use them to produce something simultaneously slap up to date and timeless. Baby rescued from the bathwater!"
Folk Roots

"I love Peter Nardini's songs and the way he sings them... laugh-out-loud funny, but also sweet and knowing, without ever being saccharine or smug."
Loudon Wainwright III

"...his unique humanity and humour shine out everywhere, as does his uncompromised Larkhall/Hamilton accent..."
The Scotsman

"...precisely delivered and full of humour and wit..."
The Living Tradition

"...once in a while you hear a record and wonder how you've lived without it all these years... Peter's songs are pointed, witty, warm and romantic, and always very human with that particular twist on life that Scots have always explored..."
R2  / Rock'n'Reel