Video & 2021 Exhibition: Alison Kinnaird MBE June 17 2021

Glass artist and musician Alison Kinnaird explores the link between art & music which have intertwined throughout her life, and introduces new work which will be shown for the first time at her open studio exhibition in August 2021. The exhibition, which is part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, will be held at Alison's home and workplace, Shillinghill Studios, which is also where Temple Records have been based since 1978.


Alison Kinnaird MBE: Art in Glass 2021 - Open Studio Exhibition
August 1st-31st 2021, Daily 10am - 5pm or by appointment
Shillinghill Studios, Temple, EH23 4SH (Fringe Venue 244)
tel: 01875 830 328 or email:
further details at