Video: Battlefield Band - Time & Tide October 13 2020

For anyone frustrated by travel limitations & lockdowns just now, take a little virtual trip to the North West of Scotland with this great Alasdair White tune, accompanied by some superb images of the Highlands & Islands. Full-screen mode recommended - enjoy! 

Alasdair was still a teenager when he wrote this tune, and it was recorded for his first album with Battlefield Band back in 2002.

The tune highlights two elements that have an important place in the life of any island community, and Alasdair comes from the Isle of Lewis, one of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Connection to the mainland is primarily provided by the 'Cal Mac' ferry company who, like time and tide, wait for no man....

You can find this recording on Battlefield Band's album of the same title: 'Time & Tide'