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In 2016 Battlefield Band were inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame, after almost half a century as internationally acclaimed ambassadors for Scottish folk music, with thirty albums under their collective belts, and thousands of concerts worldwide. The honour naturally extends to all of the many great musicians who have passed through their ranks over the decades, as each individual brought something new to the party and added to the freshness and creativity that has defined the band.

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Even as the music evolved and the personnel changed there remained a distinctive continuity to the 'Battlefield Band' sound. This cohesion and connection can be traced, in part at least, to the long-term producer, manager and 'fifth member' of Battlefield Band who has overseen so many of their albums and continually brought talent to the fore. As a founder member and player-manager of the early Boys of the Lough, Robin Morton helped take the music he loves to huge audiences worldwide and his Temple Records label and record production have continued to fight the good fight since 1978.
These nineteen tracks are his choice then; personal highlights and favourites from the man in the producer’s chair. Enjoy!

'...every one of these recordings could  be described as iconic... '
' essential purchase'
Over the years Alan honed his skill as a songwriter, his songs becoming a regular feature of the band's repertoire and often noted for their storytellling element and strong melody. But his songs cover a wide sweep from historical ballad to love songs and political song. - See more at: list:


Track Listing:
01. Tending The Steer / Sandy Thompson / The Calrossie Cattle Wife   02. The Shipyard Apprentice  03. Leaving Friday Harbor   04. Lads O' The Fair   05. Return To Kashmagiro / The Cuddy With The Wooden Leg   06. Road of Tears  07. Blackhall Rocks  08. Rantin' Rovin' Robin   09. Ballarat Jig / Eadar Ì ’s Leodhas  10. Lovers and Friends  11. The St. Louis Stagger / The Ass In The Graveyard / Sandy's New Chanter   12. Shepherd Lad  13. The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat To Detroit / Twenty Pounds of Gin / Break Yer Bass Drone   14. The Last Trip Home   15. The Bachelor  16. Tynes In Overtime!  17.  Seven Braw Gowns / Miss MacLeod's Minuet   18. Silver Spear / The Humours of Tulla   19. After Hours / Whiskey In The Jar / The Green Gates / The Ship In Full Sail (Live)            

Artists on this release: 
Duncan MacGillivray, Jamie McMenemy, Alistair Russell, Brian McNeill, Dougie Pincock, Alan Reid, Sylvia Barnes, Alasdair White, Sean O’Donnell, Iain MacDonald, Ged Foley, Mike Katz, Davy Steele, Pat Kilbride, Ewen Henderson, Jenny Clark, John Gahagan, John McCusker & Karine Polwart

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records
Initially released in download/streaming format only.
Physical release followed due to request/demand.
Download released: 2nd December 2016
European CD Release: 20th Jan 2017
US CD Release: 17th Feb 2017

Produced by Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
Download: DD 2108  (320kbps mp3 or FLAC)
CD: COMD 2108

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