Flora MacNeil - Orain Floraidh - The Songs Of Flora MacNeil

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One of the first albums Robin Morton produced when he came to Scotland in the 1970s was the legendary Gaelic singer Flora MacNeil's 'Craobh Nan Ubhal'. It became abundantly clear that Flora was one of the towering forces of the tradition and this album, released almost a quarter of a century later, shows why she was regarded as the great lady of Gaelic song.

A huge influence on the growing number of younger Gaelic singers of today and a vital force throughout the revival of Gaelic music,  Flora's singing was there before any passing trend, and her majestic presentation of the timeless tradition gives us a certainty beyond any fashion.

Flora is joined on this album by her daughter, Maggie MacInnes, a respected singer and musician in her own right.

"One of Gaeldoms great tradition-bearers, the veteran singer still has remarkable strength, spirit and sweetness in her voice"

"Orain Floraidh is the real thing. It is nothing short of a masterpiece and a great testimony to the finest Gaelic singer of our age"

Track list:
1. A Mhic Iain 'Ic Sheumais (Son of John, Son of James) 2. Gaol ise Gaol I 3. Nach Gòrach mi Gad Chaoineadh (How Foolish of me to cry for you) 4. Nuair a Ràinig mi'm Baile (When I got to the Village) 5. Fhir an Leadain Thlàth (Lad of Lovely Hair) 6. A'Bhean Iadach (The Jealous Woman) 7. Siuthadaibh a Mhnathan (Oh Women with Vigour) 8. Mo Bhean Chomain (My Woman with no Obligation) 9. Toiseach na Tràghad (Beginning of the Ebb Tide) 10. Alasdair Oig 'ic 'ic Neacail (Young Alasdair Nicolson) 11. Seathan Mac Righ Eireann (Seathan - Son of the King of Ireland) 12. Nighean Donn Nan Gobhar (Brown Haired Maid of the Goats) 13. Mo Bhomhnullan Fhèin (My Own Donald)

Artists on this release: 
Flora MacNeil
Maggie MacInnes (harp and vocals)

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2000

Recorded & Produced by Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2081
Download - DD 2081

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