Gordon Mooney - O'er The Border

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Gordon Mooney is widely recognised as an important figure at the forefront of The Cauld Wind (bellows blown) bagpipe revival.  On 'O'er The Border', his first album (released in 1989), he plays Border Bagpipes, Scottish Smallpipes and Northumbrian Smallpipes, solo and in combination with other instruments.

"The whole record has Appeal - with a big A - and is recommended to all those who get a thrill from the music of the Pipes"

"This collection of music of the Scottish borders is performed with a lilting beauty and the arrangement demonstrates the care that has gone into reproducing the tunes. Gordon demonstrates the amazing versatility of the pipes that left me suitably amazed. Accompanying this album is an absolutely fascinating booklet explaining the history of the playing and the songs"

Track list:
1. Willie Allans Fancy / Jimmy Allans Fancy / Wee Totum Fogg
2. Mount Your Baggage / Go To Berwick, Johnny
3. The Bonnie Mill Dams O Norham
4. The Twa Corbies
5. Hollin Green Hollin / Thomas The Rhymer / Young Benjie / Tam Lin
6. The Last Cradle Song / Duns Dings A
7. The Highway To Linton / Cuddys Wedding / The Douglas Tragedy / The Flower O Yarrow
8. The Broom O The Cowdenknowes / Johnny Armstrong / Jamie Telfer
9. Willies Drowned In Yarrow
10. Teribus Ye Terioden
11. Lord Randal
12. Tweedside
13. The Souters O Selkirk / Seeking The Galloway / Jock O The Side
14. John Anderson My Jo / Roxburgh Castle / The Braw Lads O Jethart / Kelso Lasses
15. Oer The Border 

Artists on this album:
Gordon Mooney
Barbara Mooney
Dougie Pincock
Brian Miller
Charlie Soane
Jo Miller
Alan Reid
Nigel Richard
Robin Morton

Further Information:
First released in 1989. CD contained two extra tracks (10 & 12)

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2031
Download - DD 2031

Produced by Robin Morton

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