Battlefield Band - Celtic Hotel

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A powerful late eighties album from one of the most popular Battlefield Band line-ups, featuring Brian McNeill, Alan Reid, Dougie Pincock & Alistair Russell. The music is rousing, melodic and often, as on the title track, hauntingly beautiful. 'Celtic Hotel' saw the whole band growing in stature; Brian McNeill and Alan Reid furthering their already high stock as songwriters, while the band as a whole sounds capable and adventurous.

'Their most important album so far, firmly establishing them as a powerful contemporary force in Scottish music, without laying waste to their traditional roots'

'... the sounds produced by these inventive folk rockers from Scotland is as close to perfection as any album I have heard this year ... they have concocted a winning brew'

Track List:

1. Conways Farewell / Andy Renwicks Ferret / Short-Coated Mary   2. Seacoalers  3. Return To Kashmagiro / The Cuddy With The Wooden Leg  4. Jock The Can 5. The Rovin Dies Hard 6. Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa (The Jig Danced On The Church Square) / Hyo Y Frwynen(The Magic Of The Rush) / E Kostez An Henbont  7. The Celtic Hotel  8. The Left-Handed Fiddler / The Floating Crowbar / The Ships Are Sailing / Lucy Campbell / June Campbell  9. We Work The Black Seam  10. The Tail O The Bank  11. Togail Curs Air Leodhas (Setting A Course For Lewis)  12. Crann Tara (The Fiery Cross) / Madam Ruadh (The Red Fox)

Artists on this album:
Battlefield Band
Alan Reid 
Brian McNeill
Dougie Pincock
Alistair Russell

Further Information:
Released in 1987

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2002
Download - DD 2002
Vinyl - LP 2002 / TP 027

Produced by Robin Morton

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