Battlefield Band - The Road Of Tears

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The path of emigration is a well-trodden one in the history of the Celtic nations, so it is no surprise that many songs and compositions have been inspired by the subject. Battlefield Band have touched on the subject in the past, but on this album, as they were rehearsing and recording, the concept of 'displacement of people' kept coming to the fore and eventually became the central theme

Look at your own background
and no doubt you will find that emigration plays a big part in your family history. Take a look at Battlefield Band; one side of Alan's family is from Ireland and he has relatives in the USA, Canada and Australia. Mike's family went to the U.S. from Belarus but he's now spent more than half his life in Scotland. Alasdair's family went to Lewis from the Scottish mainland, with some past ancestors from England, and relatives in New Zealand and the U.S.  The band also welcomed yet another emigrant to the fold for this album; singer and guitarist Sean O'Donnell, from Ireland, now living in Scotland. 

The group have not tried to come up with any answers; just music and song, contemporary and traditional which illustrates how the issue has always been as relevant as it is today. Behind it all 'we're a' Jock Tamson's Bairns', as the Scottish saying goes.

"...just because the Battlefield Band has been going for over 30 years doesn't mean they've run out of things to say...It's almost as if they've found a new cause and new heart...the playing is as stunning as ever...Road of Tears is the best Battlefield Band disc in quite some time"
Chris Nickson, AllMusic

"...the songs have the ability to draw in the listener and provoke a deep sense of empathy, whilst the tunes are a nostalgic celebration of people who have made an impact to the lives of many who have been dislocated throughout history"
Sophie Parkes, The Living Tradition

Track List:
01. The Road Of Tears 02. Ely Parker / Miss Martin's Wedding / The Primrose Lassies / Mr Galloway Goes To Washington 03. The Emigrant 04. The Highlander's Farewell To Ireland / Farewell To Ireland / Put Me In The Big Chest 05. The Slaves Lament 06. The Moleskin Kilt / The Empty Glen 07. Out In Australia At Last 08. The Patagonia Islanders / The Low Country Dance / Don Juan McKenna's Jig 09. Haro Strait 10. To A Mouse 11. Take Me To The Sea 12. Plane Wreck At Los Gatos 13. Sweet Molly / The Symmetry / The Boat Leaks 14. I Cried 15. Mary's Dream / The Mountain Dairy Maid / The Nameless Migrant 16. bonus track: Five Bridges To Cross 17. bonus track: The Green And The Blue

Artists on this release: 
Battlefield Band 
Alan Reid (vocals, keyboards, accordion, melodica)
Mike Katz (highland and small pipes, whistles, bass, bouzouki)
Alasdair White (fiddle, whistles, bouzouki)
Sean O'Donnell (vocals, guitar)

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2006

Record Production Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2098
Download - DD 2098

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