Music of the Harp in Scotland and Ireland (5 Album Boxed Set)

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In 1978, Temple Records released 'The Harp Key' by Alison Kinnaird; the first recording of Scottish harp tunes and indeed the first album issued under the Temple logo. This was a seminal and classic album that introduced great Scottish and Irish harp music to a wider audience, and in time led to much more harp music being recorded.

This five CD boxed set gathers together recordings of outstanding harp players, who demonstrate the wide spectrum of harp music from Scotland and Ireland. Here are two closely related traditions, with their roots stretching back for a thousand years.

The price includes all shipping and taxes, and the albums included are:

Alison Kinnaird - The Scottish Harp
A compilation album, featuring tracks from Alison's first three records.

Ann Heymann and Alison Kinnaird  - The Harpers Land
An album which blends and contrasts the sounds of the the gut and wire-strung harps and the music of Scotland and Ireland

Ann Heymann - The Queen of Harps
A superb album by, without doubt, the foremost exponent of the wire-strung harp.

The Rowallan Consort - Notes of Noy, Notes of Joy
Featuring Bill Taylor, this album highlights early music from the Royal Courts of Scotland.

Máire Ní Chathasaigh - The New Strung Harp
The first harp album ever to concentrate on traditional Irish dance music, Máire sings in both Irish Gaelic and English.


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