Songs of the Gael - Orain Nan Gàidheal (5 Album Boxed Set)

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First issued in 2001, this release marked the first time that over eighty great Gaelic songs had been gathered together in a boxed set, and it was well worth the long wait. Many of the big classic songs are here: An Fhidheag Airgid, Iain Ghlinn Cuaich, Cumha Iain Ghairbh, Calum Sgaire, Latha Chuil-Lodar, as well as several of the great popular songs: Coille an Fhàisaich, Fhir a' Bhàita, Fàigail Bharraigh, Gràidh Geal mo Chridh.

The five singers are among the very best of Gaelic singers we have; the great Flora MacNeil from Barra, who inspired generations of Gaelic singers to drink from the real well of traditional song; Finlay MacNeill of Port Glasgow and Lewis, whose mesmerising and individual voice contains the glory of both piobarachd and lyric; Christine Primrose from Lewis, whose clear voice, like a lark on a spring day, is consistently life affirming; Eilidh MacKenzie - again from Lewis - who clearly demonstrates that the younger Gaelic generation can also give voice to the great Gaelic traditions; and Skye's Arthur Cormack who has that marvellous ability to sing so sweetly across a vast range of song from the òran mòr to the puirt-a-beul.

I was brought up at a time when boxed-sets were only produced by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley or The Beatles. Now we have our own, and it ranks alongside the very best. Oh, and thanks to the invisible man who believed in the international significance of Gaelic song all along; producer Robin Morton. It's been a long hard struggle and we ought to thank him for it.
Aonghas Pàdriag Caimbeul ( Angus Peter Campbell )

The price includes all shipping and taxes, and the albums included are:

Flora MacNeil - Craobh Nan Ubhal
A classic album from the late, great Flora MacNeil

Finlay MacNeill - Fonn Is Furan
A prize winning bagpiper, Finlay MacNeill is also a great Gaelic singer

Eilidh Mackenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd
The first solo recording from the National Mod Gold Medal winner

Arthur Cormack - Nuair Bha Mi Og
The first release from a young Arthur Cormack,  National Mod Gold Medal winner

Christine Primrose - Aite Mo Ghaoil
The debut album from a young Christine Primrose


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