The Piping Centre 1st Recital Series (5 Album Boxed Set)

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In the Autumn of 1996, Glasgow's new Piping Centre heralded its opening by hosting a piping recital series. The Centre's custom-built auditorium provided the ideal venue for the series which was designed to showcase the best in Highland piping and featured several of the worlds most celebrated names. The concerts lived up to, and indeed surpassed, all expectations, providing us with an archive of music which will surely be a must for any piping enthusiasts collection.

This five CD boxed set contains all four volumes from the first recital series, plus volume 1 from the 3rd recital series. The price includes all shipping and taxes, and the albums and artists included are:

Jack Lee and P/M Alasdair Gillies
   (1996 Recital Series - Vol I) 

John D. Burgess and Donald MacPherson
   (1996 Recital Series - Vol II)

Willie Morrison and Dr. Angus MacDonald
   (1996 Recital Series - Vol III)

Angus MacColl and Gordon Duncan
   (1996 Recital Series - Vol IV)
Brian Lamond and Richard Parkes
   (1998 Recital Series - Vol I) 

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