Keith Sanger and Alison Kinnaird - Tree of Strings (Book)

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* This book has now been republished by Routledge (2015), as one of their Folk Music Library Editions, and is no longer available from Kinmor Music or Temple Records.

This important book on the history of the harp in Scotland, by Keith Sanger and Alison Kinnaird, presents an in-depth study, drawing on material from unpublished documents, family papers and manuscripts, and throws new light on the background of these ancient and beautiful instruments.

This volume, the first of its kind, includes many photographs and illustrations and will be of interest to historians, musicologists and harp players, and also to any reader with a general interest in Scottish and Celtic culture.

Further Info:
The Routledge ISBN number for Tree of Strings is 9781138124059 and you can find the book here.

This book was previously published (from 1992-2015) by Kinmor Music as a paperback and hardback (256 pages). The Temple Records Catalogue Numbers were: BK 004 PB / BK 004 HB and the Kinmor ISBNs were: 0-9511204-3-3 (Hardback) 0-9511204-4-1 (Paperback)

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