Battlefield Band - Dookin'

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Dookin' is the Scots word for what you do at hallowe'en - as in 'dookin'  for apples - and that's just what Battlefield Band have been doing for all these years; dookin' into the great pool of Scottish (and Irish) music and song, not to mention adding to that pool with songs and tunes of their own.

Released in 2007, this is the first album to feature Derry born Sean O'Donnell on guitar and vocals, who joins the established line-up of Alan Reid, Mike Katz and Alasdair White. As always with Battlefield Band, there's a continuity from one album to the next but there's always something new and surprising from this band of virtuoso and creative musicians.

'...they remain quite simply the acme of their genre... thought-provoking songs... powerhouse pyrotechnics in the tune sets...these are musicians enjoying themselves doing what they do best, and should be essential listening for anyone interested in the way our traditions are being enhanced and expanded'
The Living Tradition

"...the unmistakeable sound, spirit and consistent quality of the top Scottish band is undiminished after more than 30 years and almost as many albums. Songs and tunes to stir the heart..."
BBC Radio 2 Folk & Acoustic

"...not only are Battlefield Band prolific, they're also frighteningly consistent. 'Dookin'' is another stunning album release in a long line of stunning album releases!"
Toxic Pete

01. Dookin' For Beetroot / The Head Roaster 02. I'm Going To Set You Free 03. Och' Is Duine Truagh Mi (Oh I Am A Forlorn Man) / Tha Fionnlaigh Ag Innearach (Finlay Spreading Manure) / An Gille Dubh' Mo Laochan (The Dark Boy My Darling) 04. My Luv's Like A Red Red Rose 05. Song For Selangor / Covering Ground 06. Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair / Overton Park 07. The Ballad Of Accounting 08. Ton Bale Leon Braz / The People's Jig / Ash City / Blackjack Grove 09. Cillephaedair / Boo Baby’s Lullaby 10. Gathering Storm 11. The Blue Lagoon / Easy Jig 12. Allan McLean 13. Paddy Moloney's Welcome To Scotland / Compliments to Buddy McMaster

Artists on this album:
Battlefield Band -
Alan Reid (keyboard, vocals, hammond, accordion)
Mike Katz (highland and small pipes, whistles, bass)
Alasdair White (fiddle, whistle, bouzouki)
Sean O'Donnell (guitar, vocals)
& guests -
Mike Whellans (harmonica/moothie)
Mitch Greenhill (guitar)

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records

Released in 2007

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2100
Download - DD 2100

Produced by Robin Morton
Engineered by Ewan MacGregor & Robin Morton

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