Battlefield Band - Room Enough For All

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A superb release from Battlefield Band, one of the great institutions of the Scottish music scene. Their invigorated & inspired fusion of ancient and modern traditional music continually evolves whilst still staying true to the tradition, ensuring  they remain amongst the most vital contemporary composers and interpreters of traditional music today

This album, released in 2013, and overseen by long-time producer Robin Morton, captures Scotland’s flagship band at the top of their game. The group's ever-fiery instrumental dynamic, with bagpipes and fiddles to the fore, exhibits the intuitive interplay and understanding between world class traditional musicians, while their songs of social history, plaintive ballads and songs from the Scots Gaelic tradition are as powerful, relevant and moving as ever.

' ...a masterful look at Scottish traditional music today, highlighting both the old traditions and new ideas inspired by their Scottish roots. If you're not familiar with Battlefield Band, this is your chance to fix that' the forefront of the Scottish music revival... the Battlefield Band keeps the music alive....'Room Enough for All' continues their commitment to giving the world some of the best music from their homeland…the recording is stellar'
San Diego Troubadour

"'s another inspirational recording from the flagship Scottish band, which may well be counted as their finest hour in the studio... This is a well nigh faultless disc, and the concomitant is that faultless discs are all too often soulless - but emphatically not in this case..."

...the cutting edge of modern Scottish folk music …authentic and refreshing …Battlefield Band’s melody driven instincts are technically flawless and fabulously entertaining.'
Piping Today, Celtic Connections review, Feb 2013

Track List:
01: Bagpipe Music  02: Major George Morrison DSO…  03: Farewell To Indiana  04: The Garron Trotting …  05: Nic Coiseam  06: The Hairy Angler Fish …  07: Ceann Loch an Duin …  08: Duanag an t-Seòladair 09: The Eight Men of Moidart …  10: In Contempt  11: Tynes In Overtime

Artists on this album:
Battlefield Band - Mike Katz (highland and small pipes, whistles, bass, guitar, vocals)  Alasdair White (fiddle, whistle, bouzouki, vocals)   Sean O'Donnell (guitar, vocals)   Ewen Henderson (fiddle, vocals, highland pipes)  & guest Mike Whellans (moothie / harmonica)

Further Info:

Label: Temple Records
Released: March/April 2013

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2106
Download - DD 2106

Awarded 'Album of the Year' at the 2013 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.

'Bagpipe Music' named as 'Vox Pop World/Traditional Song' winner at the 13th Independent Music Awards.

Engineered by Ewan MacGregor & Robin Morton
Produced by Robin Morton

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