Battlefield Band - The Story So Far... (Vinyl Only)

Sold Out

Released in 1982, this rare LP features a selection of some of the best tracks from Battlefield Band's recordings up to that point, including those that appeared on the Topic and Escalibur labels and an early promo cassette which was never released.

We have a very limited amount of this album on vinyl which we have unearthed in our stockroom (it was originally released on both cassette and vinyl). The superb cover was designed by John Gahagan, one of the Battlefield Band 'alumni' from years past.

The music on this album has been taken from the following albums:

Battlefield Band - Preview
Battlefield Band - Battlefield Band
Alan Reid & Brian McNeill - Sidetracks
Battlefield Band - Home if Where The Van Is
Battlefield Band - Stand Easy
Battlefield Band - At The Front
Battlefield Band - Volume II (Escalibur)
Battlefield Band - promo cassette, circa 1980


Track List

1. 74th Farewell To Edinburgh / A Cup Of Tea     
2. The Shipyard Apprentice      
3. Johnny Armstrong / Captain Ross     
4. The Atholl Gathering     
5. Miss Drummond Of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure / Miss McLeod's Minuet   
6. Rantin' Rovin' Robin     
7. Joseph MacDonald's Jig / The Snuff Wife / Thief Of Lochaber     
8. Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh     
9. Wae's Me For Prince Charlie     
10. Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite / Desert Of Tulloch     
11. Seven Braw Gowns     
12. Lady Madeleine Sinclair / The Spey In Spate / The Duke Of Perth     
13. The Bachelor     
14. Lord Huntly's Cave / Lady In The Bottle / Stewart Chisholm's Walkabout


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