Various Artists - The Portraits and the Music

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This Temple Records album features music and song written, or inspired by, some of the great Scots in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery,  played by some of Scotland's best musicians, and complemented by reproductions of the portraits in the CD booklet.

Scotland has produced an astonishingly high number of men and women whose lives inspired and changed the world. In the fields of science, medicine and philosophy, in literature, music and the visual arts, in military affairs, the church and sport, Scots have changed the very way we live and think, and many of these important figures are represented in the nation's collection of portraits, permanently on display in in Edinburgh.

Browsing the gallery, you will find many depictions of musicians: fiddlers, pipers and singers. Search a little deeper and you will find poets, novelists and artists who were inspired by music, or who inspired musicians. Search deeper still and you will find historical figures who composed music or had songs and music written about them.

Produced in association with the Scottish National Portrait Gallery,  this unique album offers a vivid experience of a vital cultural life that continues to inform and enrich Scotland.

"...a bridge between the living music of Scotland, and those who would appreciate the Gallery's portraits...thoroughly thought provoking as well as patriotic - in the nicest possible way..."
The Scots Magazine

Track list:
1. CHAPEL KEITHACK - Aly Bain & Alison Kinnaird 2. ODE ON THE DEATH OF FRANCOIS II - Aileen Carr & Brian Miller 3. SEAN TREWS / THE BUNGALOW / MISS SHEPHERD - Scott Skinner, Alasdair White & Pat Kilbride 4. MO RUN GEAL - Flora MacNeil & Alison Kinnaird 5. TWA BONNIE MAIDS - Alan Reid, Rob van Sante & Alasdair White 6. CAOINEADH RIOGHAIL - Alison Kinnaird 7. THE ATHOLL AND BREADALBANE GATHERING / THE BOAT LEAKS / NIGHEAN BHAN A'MHUILLEIR - Mike Katz 8. JOCK O' HAZELDEAN - Jimmy Hutchison 9. HILL HOUSE / THE PHILOSOPHER'S CHAIR - Battlefield Band 10. MONTROSE - Battlefield Band 11. THE MASSACRE OF GLENCOE - Dougie Pincock 12. RANTIN' ROVIN' ROBIN - Battlefield Band 13. NEIL GOWS LAMENT FOR THE DEATH OF HIS BROTHER DONALD - Pete Clark, Neil Johnstone, Martin MacLeod, Jim Leighton 14. NORLAND WIND - Davy Steele, John McCusker, Alan Reid

Artists on this release: 
Aly Bain, Alison Kinnaird, Aileen Carr, Brian Miller, Scott Skinner, Jimmy Hutchison, Alasdair White, Pat Kilbride, Flora MacNeil, Alan Reid, Rob van Sante, Mike Katz, Battlefield Band, Dougie Pincock, Pete Clark, Davy Steel, Neil Johnstone, Martin MacLeod, Jim Leighton, Brian McNeill & John McCusker

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2003

Record Production Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2093 
Download - DD 2093

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