Arthur Cormack - Ruith Na Gaoith

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A former winner of the National Gold Medal for Gaelic singing, Arthur Cormack's talent for singing was in evidence from an early age, when his fine voice and clear delivery were already quite exceptional.

'Ruith Na Gaoith', his second album, was long awaited by his many admirers and further enhanced his reputation as one of the leading Gaelic singers of his generation.

"Gaels and folk fans will already be aware of the quality of Arthur Cormack's voice. It has mellowed but lost none of its freshness and his delivery is as relaxed and unaffected as ever."

"Cormack's singing has a beautiful musical quality, his diction is impeccable with a richness of Skye sounds and one becomes caught up in whatever he is representing. Such is the earnestness and sincerity of his style"

Track list:
1. Ruith Na Gaoith (Chasing the wind)
2. O Mhàirle Mhàiri (O Mary)
3. S Mòr Mo Chùram S Mi Ga Stiuireadh (Great is my sorrow as I steer the boat)
4. 'S Truagh Nach Do Dh' Fhuirich Mi Tioram Air Tir (What I pity I never stayed on dry land)
5. Tionndaidh Am Bat (Turn the boat)
6. A'choille Ghruamach (The gloomy forest)
7. Gad Chuimhneachadh (Remembering you)
8. Gradh Geal Mo Chridh (Fair love of my heart)
9. Oran An T-Saighdear (The soldiers song)
10. Mairi Ruadh A'dannsa Annochd (Red-haired Mary will be dancing tonight)
11. A Nigheanag A'ghraidh (My beloved girl)
12. Fhir A Shiubhlas Na Frithe (A Culloden lament)
13. Loch Na H-Ob (Loch na h-Ob)
14. An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn (Do you hear me my brown-haired girl)

Artists on this album:
Arthur Cormack
Blair Douglas
Mary Ann Kennedy
Brian Miller
Brian McNeill
Dougie Pincock
Alan Reid

Further Information:
Released in 1989

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD 2032

Produced by Robin Morton

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