Finlay MacNeill - Fonn Is Furan

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A prize winning bagpiper, Finlay MacNeill is also well-known as a great Gaelic singer, and this album showcases his voice at his best. Seamus MacNeill of the Glasgow School of Piping put it well in his sleeve notes - 'For many years Finlay has been one of the most popular Gaelic singers in Scotland, and his numerous appearances on radio and television have made his voice familiar to all who love the music and the Gael'.

"All the fire and mournfulness of the Gaelic song tradition is given generously in this selection"

"This is folksong as art song"

Track list:
1. An Ribhinn Donn (The Brown Haired Maid)
2. Fagail Bharraidh (Leaving Barra)
3. An Talla m bu ghnath le Macleoid (MacLeods Wonted Hall)
4. E ho ro mo Nighean Donn (My brown haired maid)
5. Cumha Iain Ghairbh (Lament for John Grave)
6. O Na Cuir Cul rium (Dont Turn Your Back On Me)
7. An t-Eilean mu Thuath (The Isle to the North)
8. Gur tu mo Chruinneag Bhoideach (You are my lovely maiden) 
9. Bo Mhor nam Balach (The Big Cow Belonging to the Boys)
10. Thig an Smeorach as t-Earrach (The Thrush Will Come In Spring)
11. Tri Fichead Bliadhna s a Tri (Sixty Years and Three)
12. Mala Chaol is Beul Tana (Thin Eyebrows, Slender Lips)
13. Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Dhuibh (Black Donalds March)
14. Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Dhuibh (Black Donalds March - song)

Artists on this album:
Finlay MacNeill

Further Information:
Awarded 1st in Folk Section MTA Awards 1982. 

First released in 1982. Re-issued on CD in 1995.

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD / DD / LP 1009 (TP 009)

Produced by Robin Morton

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