Mike Katz & Mike Whellans - Juan Martino's / Tail Toddle (Single)

This recording is only available as a digital download single. The sheet music is also available from Temple Records and you can find it here.

Scottish small pipes and harmonica? Why not...

Recorded on a sunny afternoon at Temple Records, sitting in the conservatory rather than the studio, this short recording is really just a pair of friends playing a couple of reels over a cup of tea. It sounded great so we put up some mics and a video camera and thought we’d let a few more people hear it too. Enjoy!

The 'Juan Martino' referred to in the title of the first reel is John Martin, fiddle player with The Tannahill Weavers. The tune was written by Mike Katz for his friend John, who is a great musician and tune maker, a 'weel kent' face on the Scottish traditional music scene, and an excellent man in a session.

Tail Toddle is a very well known traditional tune. We think the tune was originally called 'Charlie's Muster Roll', a title which refers to Bonnie Prince Charlie mustering troops. It's now better known as 'Tail Toddle' and probably takes its name from a bawdy song of the same title which is often sung to this melody. There are several variants of the song, at least one of which may well have been written by Robert Burns.


Track list: 1. Juan Martino's / Tail Toddle

Artists on this release:
Mike Katz (Scottish smallpipes) & Mike Whellans (Harmonica/Moothie)

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2010

Produced by: Mike Katz & Mike Whellans
Recording engineered by Ewan MacGregor

Temple Records Catalogue Number: DDS 008    
Format: Digital Download Single

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