Pat Kilbride - Rock And More Roses

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Guitarist, cittern player and singer Pat Kilbride comes from Co. Kildare in Ireland and has earned a reputation as one the most progressive, dynamic musicians currently performing in Irish music. Moving base over the years from Ireland, to England, Brittany, Belgium, the USA & Spain, Pat has travelled and played all over the world with many fantastic musicians, including two stints with Scotland's Battlefield Band.

Released in 1989, 'Rock and More Roses' is a compilation of Pat's recordings from the 80s & 90s, and tracks 1-10 were originally released on Temple Records as an album called 'Rock and Roses'.

" If you have ever marvelled how Celtic Fiddlers fingers fly over the strings - embellishing the main notes with extra little grace notes - youre going to enjoy the guitar playing of Pat Kilbride - a fine musician with wealth of material ranging from Child ballads to Sting"

"From start to finish this album is simply a joy to listen to. With a predominant flavour of strings (Kilbride is a master of acoustic guitar and modern cittern) its cadences spark and scatter into the scenes like light through leaves on a summer day"

Track list:
1. Annes Favourite / Kitty's Wedding
2. Tir Na Nog
3. Si Beag, Si Mor
4. The Galbally Farmer
5. Dominiques Favourite
6. The Flowing Tide / The Plains of Boyle
7. October Song
8. The Boy in the Gap
9. Lord Randall
10. The Swedish March
11. The Dublin Reel / The Wind That Shakes The Barley
12. The Blackbird
13. We Work The Black Seam
14. Humours of Ballyloughlin / Slieve Russel / The Eavesdropper
15. Sgt. Earlys Dream
16. Rodneys Glory / Rakish Paddy

Artists on this album:
Pat Kilbride
Patrig Mollard
John Molineux
Trevor Ferrier
Brian McNeill
Jean Pierre Lecuyer
Emilian Sanou
Wannes van de veld
Marc Godfroid
Roiger Deronge
Dirk van Esbroeck
Frans Leven
Kieran Fahy
Barry MacNeese
Marc Keyaert

Further Information:
Released in 1989. Tracks 1-10 originally released as 'Rock and Roses'  in 1980 (Temple Records). Tracks 11, 12, 14, 15 & 16 originally released as the B side of the album 'Both Faces' in 1987 (Colour Records, Belgium). Track 13 originally released on the compilation album 'Het Zwante Goud', 1998 (BRT)

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD 2011

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