Alison Kinnaird and Ann Heymann - The Harper's Land

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'Music for the Irish & Scottish harps'

This was the first record to combine the sounds of the gut and the wire strung harps,  two different, but related, small harps.  Alison Kinnaird is well known as one of the foremost exponents of Scottish harp music, and Ann Heymann is a virtuoso second to none on the wire strung harp.

The approach to the music, and the harps on which it is played, has been formed by years of research in both Scotland and Ireland. The music itself has been gleaned from many sources, including the oral tradition, ancient archives and collections, and also includes original compositions by Heymann and  Kinnaird.

"A beautiful album - could be snapped up by the MOR/light classical market as well as the widest possible range of folk appreciators. With faultless playing they conjure up visions of misty heather-clad hills or smokey peat fires, and one is transported to a gentle world where all is peace and beauty"

"... with two well-received solo albums to her name already, this record of Alison Kinnaird with Ann Heymann will win her and her music more than a few followers"

      Track list:
      1. The Harpers Land
      2. Ellens Dreams
      3. Lady Iveagh
      4. The Braidwood Waits
      5. Rory Dall Morisons Jig
      Far-Fuadach A Chlarsair (The Harpers Dismissal)
      Carraic na h-Uaine / The Market House / John Dungans Return / The Canons Cup
      7. Bas Alastruim / McAllistruims March
      8. Miss Hamilton
      9. Cumh Easbig Earraghaal (Bishop of Argyles Lament)
      10. Baltiorum / Charlies Fancy
      11. Blar Sliabh An t-Siorraidh / The Battle of Sheriffmuir
      12. The Bells of Cork City / The Dusty Miller
      13. Clarsach Na Cloiche (The Harp of the Stones)
      14. Airs By Fingal
      15. Leslies March


      Artists on this album:
      Alison Kinnaird
      Ann Heymann

      Further Information:
      First released in 1983. Re-issued on CD in 1992

      Awarded: '1st in Folk Section MTS Awards 1983'

      Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD 2012

      Produced by Robin Morton

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