Battlefield Band - Rain, Hail or Shine

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Battlefield Band went from strength to strength as they introduced two new recruits on this album. Alan Reid and John McCusker were joined by Davy Steele, widely regarded as one of the finest contemporary Scottish folk singers and songwriters, and Mike Katz, the superbly gifted bagpiper and multi-instrumentalist.

Released in 1998, the resulting album sounds powerful, graceful, yet effortless, as the collective ability, songwriting and compositional strengths of this multi-talented line-up shone through.

"...altogether a hugely impressive package"

"An excellent album which I'm sure will stand the test of time"

Track list:
1. Bodachan A Gharaidh / General MacDonald / Craig An Fhithich
2. Heave Ya Ho
3. Margaret Ann / Manor Park / Trip To The Bronx
4. Jenny O'The Braes
5. Magheracloone / Norland Wind / Royal Scottish Pipers Society / Gardez Loo / Donald MacLean
6.The Beaches of St. Valery / Elizabeth Clare
7. Wee Michael's March / Oot B'est Da Vong
8. The Lass O'Glencoe
9. The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat To Detroit / Twenty Pounds of Gin / Break Yer Bass Drone

Artists on this release: 
Battlefield Band 
Alan Reid
John McCusker
Davy Steele
Mike Katz

Further Information:  
Label: Temple Records 
Released: 1998
Format: The CD release is in 'CD extra'  format and in addition to the album the disc contains interviews with the band, 3 short music videos, extra music tracks, photos and information. This extra material is not included with the downloadable version of the album.

Recorded by Moray Munro and Robin Morton
Produced by Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2074 
Download - DD 2074 

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