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The first of the fiddle 'supergroups', Fiddlers Five featured the best of Scotlands folk fiddlers and this seminal album, recorded in 1991, was their only release.  These musicians; Marie Fielding, Chuck Fleming, John McCusker, Brian McNeill and John Martin  - accompanied by Brian Miller (guitar) and Alan Reid (piano) - have played with the cream of Scotland's bands, including Battlefield Band, Ossian, The Tannahill Weavers, the JSD Band, Five Hand Reel, Jim Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band, The Occasionals and the Laggan Band. Each Fiddler plays a solo track and they join together to reproduce a session.

"It was an inspired idea to assemble an all-star line-up at Temple Records' recording studios for this mini Fiddlers Rally which features individual and collective performances by JSD Bands, Chuck Fleming, John Martin from Ossian and The Easy Club, former Battlefield Band fiddler Brian McNeill, his prodigious successor John McCusker and Marie Fielding from Jim Johnstones Scottish Dance Band"

"What you get is a kind of supercharged engine of sound - a sound that will surely brighten the bleakest day"  

Track list:
1. Fiddlers Five: The Lass O Paties Mill / Timor The Tartar / Da Merrie Boys O Greenland
2. John McCusker & Alan Reid: Farewell To Ravenscraig / The Steel Reel
3. Fiddlers Five: The Centennial Waltz
4. Marie Fielding & Brian Miller: The Glencoe March / Da Green Isle / Reested Mutton Reel
5. Fiddlers Five: William Ritchie Esq. / Hugh McKenna's Reel
6. Chuck Fleming & Alan Reid: Mount Stewart House / Lady Maedline Sinclair / The Bungalow
7. Fiddlers Five:Spootiskerry / The Ale Is Dear / High Road To Linton
8. Marie Fielding & John McCusker: Niel Gow's Farewell To Whisky / The Poppy Leaf
9. John Martin & Brian Miller: The Mill House / Freddie's / The Elkins Reel
10. Fiddlers Five: Grace Hay's Delight / Drummond Castle / The Stool O'Repentance
11. Fiddlers Five: The Silver Spire / The Glass of Beer / The Gravel Walk
12. Brian McNeill & Brian Miller: Farewell To Crater Lake / I See You Keep A Bee / Out From Under / Thatcher's Downfall
13. Fiddlers Five: Harvest Home / The Templehouse Jig / Kenmur's Up And Away

Artists on this album:
Marie Fielding
Chuck Fleming
John McCusker
Brian McNeill
John Martin
Brian Miller
Alan Reid 

Further Information:
Released in 1991

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2044
Download - DD 2044

Produced by Robin Morton
Engineered by Moray Munro & Robin Morton

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