Flora MacNeil - Craobh Nan Ubhal

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This is a classic album from the late, great Flora MacNeil, a vital force in the revival of Gaelic music, which began after World War II and continues today. A native of the Island of Barra, her characteristic and personal style adds to the essential virtues of her ancient Hebridean heritage. One of the last true carriers of a living oral tradition, she not only inspired growing numbers of talented successors – every contemporary Gaelic singer from Karen Matheson to Julie Fowlis cites her as a formative influence – but helped to shape the very musical context in which their careers have flourished.

"...majestic songs performed by a magnificent traditional singer...an album which should not be missing from your collection"
The Living Tradition


"Now if I say that here is some of the finest singing I have ever heard on record you might shrug and think "pity it isn't in English then!". The real pity is that so few of us understand the language "

Traditional Album Of The Year 1978

Track List:
1. An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle)
2. Cha be direadh a bhruthaich (It was not climbing the hillside)
3. Faca sibh Raghnall na Ailein? (Have you seen Ronald or Alan?)
4. Bheir mi sgriob do Thobar Mhoire (I shall take a trip to Tobermory)
5. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich (John of Glen Cuaich)
6. Chan e caoidh Mhic Shiridh (It is not lamenting MacSheerie)
7. Caolas eadar mi is Iain (There is a strait between me and Iain)
8. Mo run geal og (My fair young love)
9. A bhradag dhubh (You black besom)
10. Gur muladach sgith mi (I am weary and desolate)
11. A Mhairead Og (Young Margaret)
12. Alasdair Mhic Cholla ghasda (Alasdair, son of gallant Coll)
13. Mile marbh-phaig air a ghaol (A thousand shrouds on love)
14. Thig tri nithean gun iarraidh (Three things come without asking)
15. Craobh nan Ubhal (Apple Tree)
16. Cadal cha dean mi (Sleep I cannot get)
17. Seinn O Ho Ro Seinn (Sing O Ho ro Sing)
18. Dhfhalbh mo run dh fhag en cala (My love had left the harbour)

Artists on this album:
Flora MacNeil
Alison Kinnaird (harp)

Further Info:
Originally released on Tangent Records in 1976
Re-released on Temple Records in 1978
CD re-release included 3 extra tracks, recorded in 1993


Awarded: Folk News Traditional Album Of The Year 1978

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD  - COMD 1002
Download - DD 1002

Engineer – Neil Ross
Producer – Robin Morton


Download Songwords & Translation for Craobh Nan Ubhal:
(translation by Dr John MacInnes)



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