Mac-talla - Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol

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An important and seminal album, from the first Gaelic 'supergroup', Mac-talla's 'Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol' was released in 1994. The group was composed of superb musicians, already well known as leaders in the field of Gaelic music and song.

These singers and musicians have known and performed with each other, both formally and informally, over many years: Christine Primrose, Eilidh Mackenzie and Arthur Cormack had all led the way in breaking the mould into which Gaelic song had been forced. Through their extensive repertoire, fine voices, impeccable style, and critically acclaimed records, the audience for this proud tradition has been vastly widened.

Both Alison Kinnaird (Scottish harp and cello) and Blair Douglas (keyboards and accordion) are foremost exponents of their instruments, and their understanding and sympathy for the tradition gives as much to the songs as it owes to them.

"Spiralling bewitchingly together ... This has to be THE Gaelic showcase outfit for the 1990s"

"The phrase lost all credibility in rock circles, but the Gaelic song tradition has found its first supergroup. Although true to their roots, the music and harmonies more often than not transcend the language barrier"

"If you buy one CD or cassette this year, make sure it is this one - it will be an experience that will become part of your life"

Track list:
1. Illean Bithibh Sunndach (Boys Be Happy)
2. Seann Oran Seilge (An Old Hunting Song)
3. Griogal Cridhe (Beloved Gregor)
4. Puirt-a-beul (Mouth Music) (Eadaraibh a huinn o/Domhnall dubh an Domhnallaich/Nighean rudh bhan/Meal do bhrogan/Ciamar a ni mi an dannsa direach)
5. Crodh an Tailleir (The Tailors Dowry)
6. Barcelona
7. Ailein Duinn (Brown Haired Alan)
8. Mrs Jamiesons Favourite
9. Puirt-a-beul (Mouth Music) (Dhfhaibhainn sgiobalta/Fhuair mi nead a ghurra-gug/Fear a bhios fada gun phosadh/Ruidhlich na coillich dhubha)
10. A Chailin Aluinn (The Beautiful Girl)
11. Togail Curs air Leodhas (Setting a course for Lewis)
12. Braigh Uige (Uig Brae)

Artists on this release:
Christine Primrose
Eilidh Mackenzie
Arthur Cormack
Alison Kinnaird  
Blair Douglas

Further Information: 
Label: Temple Records

Released: 1994

Produced by Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:   
CD - COMD 2054
Download - DD 2054


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