Mike Katz - A Month Of Sundays

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This is the first solo album from bagpiper Mike Katz, a superb and versatile musician who joined Battlefield Band in late 1997, since when his playing and compositions have contributed massively to the music and success of the group.


Mike comes originally from LA - where he learned and played in the same pipe band as another Battlefield Band alumni; Eric Rigler. Initially moving to Scotland to study, aged 18, Mike put down roots and has lived here ever since. Playing in various bands prior to Battlefield Band - including the Scottish Gas Pipe Band & Ceolbeg - he earned himself a deserved reputation as a truly excellent musician and tunesmith .

An outstanding piper and whistle player from an early age, with a huge respect for the tradition, Mike is also an excellent guitarist and bass player with eclectic tastes and influences; from Frank Zappa and Weather Report through to LA bands like The Minutemen.

Music on the album ranges from very old manuscript sources to his own compositions, laced with music from Brittany. Mike plays Highland and small pipes, whistles, guitar and bass and is joined by his friends: renowned jazz guitarist Kevin MacKenzie, Tannahill Weavers fiddler John Martin, the uniquely talented Simon Thoumire on concertina, and his Battlefield bandmate fiddlerAlasdair White.

"...great musicianship and some fantastic tunes... ...this is a CD that will lift your spirits..."
Radio 2 Folk & Acoustic

"...a fine example of a modern piper at his best..."
Dirty Linen

"...Katz is a master at what he does, and his joy in presenting it is palpable..."
Chris Nickson, AllMusic

"...influences of Scotland, Ireland and Brittany are well represented, along with a wheen of tunes by Katz, and the entire collection is splendidly worth a listen to discover - if you haven't already - how talent and imagination can drive piping forward..."
The Scots Magazine


Track list: 1.The Best Englishman / Chase the Train / Mr. MacKinnon of Corry (Fear Choire Chatachain) / Le tire bouchon (the cork screw) 2. The Fiddler / Cu’l an Taigh Òsda (Back of the Change House) / The Birks of Abergeldie / Currie's / Na Goisidich (the gossip) 3. Earl Mareshal's (Keith) Reel (Iarla Marasgal) / Sir J.M. MacKenzies Reel (Gun Dh'ith na Coin na Ceannaichean) / Dr. MacPhail's 4. The Bookie's Jig / Seann Bhriogais Uilleim (Willies Old Trousers) / The Reel of Bogie (Ruidhle Bhalgaidh) 5. Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff / The Earl of Errol / The Ladies from Hell / The Black Watch Polka 6. Ho Ro Shiubhlainn Fada (Ho ro I would travel a long way) / Dr. Finlay Macleod / Sunset at Tommy's 7. Tait's / Dr. Carol G. Katz / Land of Milk and Honey 8. Marig Ar Pontolan 9. Marche Vannetaise / Capt. Kinnear / Les Blaireaux de Cornouaille 10. Mackay's Rant (Mac Aoidh 'na Sheasamh) / The Smiths Daughter (Nighean Dubh a Gobha Bhain) / Donald's Rant / Ruileadh Cailleach (the old woman's reel) 11. The Unst Wedding March / Mexico 1 Armenia 1 12. Dark Lowers in the Night / A Month of Sundays 13. Abbeyhill / Gavotte / Gavotte 14. Monday's Jig / The Road to Bruntsfield / Donnie MacGregor 15. Major Manson's Farewell to Clachantrushal / The Goat Pen (Cro nan Bobhar) / Tubular Peat

Artists on this release:
Mike Katz (highland and small pipes, practice chanter, whistles, bass, guitar) & Alasdair White (fiddle), John Martin (fiddle), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar), Simon Thoumire (concertina)

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2004

Produced by: Robin Morton
Recording engineered by Ewan MacGregor & Robin Morton

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2095
Download - DD 2095



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