Clairseach (Charlie and Ann Heymann) - Ann's Harp (Vinyl Only)

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Ann Heymann, from Minnesota, is recognised as the foremost exponent of the wire-strung harp in the world. The wire-strung harp, or clarsach, was the harp of the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland. Through her knowledge of traditional music from her Irish American family background, and her study of the surviving music and manuscripts, Ann has re-invented the techniques necessary to play this majestic instrument.

Released in 1981, 'Ann's Harp' is the second release by 'Clairseach', the duo of Ann & Charlie Heymann, and is the follow up to their debut release 'Let Erin Remember'. Released on their own label, we have an extremely limited quantity of this album on vinyl only, which we've unearthed from our stockroom.

Track List:
Side A - 01. Jig: Ann's Harp 02. Mrs Farrell 03. Polkas and Slide 04. Song: Mary of Loughrea 05. Celia Connellan 06. Sir Charles Coote / Planxty Safaigh  Side B - 01. Molly MacAlpin 02. Reels: The Aughdarra / Mohereavogue 03. Song: Red Haired man's Wife / O'Reilly of Athcarne 04. Set Dance: Three Sea Captains / O'Flynn 05. Jig: Humours of Castle Comer / Captain Sudley 06. Good Night and Joy be With You

Artists on this album:
Ann Heymann (wire strung harp, wire strung double harp, wooden flute, anglo concertina, harmonium, whistles)
Charlie Heymann (lead vocals, button accordian, concertinas, guitar, cittern, mandocello, bodhran, bones)

Further Info:
Released 1981
Catalogue Number: Clairseach Records 2381
Produced by: Clairseach

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