Christine Primrose - Aite Mo Ghaoil

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Hailed by both Gaels and non-Gaels, the debut album from Christine Primrose was the forerunner of a new generation of recordings by young Gaelic singers. From the Isle of Lewis, Christine has won many prizes at the Mod and the Pan Celtic Festival. She has become a highly regarded and sought after tutor in Gaelic song, and has travelled the world singing and teaching.

"A young singer who sings in Gaelic & does it immaculately - tender & vulnerable"

"Many of the songs will already be familiar to Gaels, but the crystal purity of Christine's voice ensures that each retain a freshness after innumerable hearings"

Track list:
1. Ceann Loch An Duin (At The Head of Loch An Duin)
2. Curstaidh Brus (Christine Brus)
3. Duanag A Chiobair (The Shepherds Song)
4. Carlobhagh (Carloway)
5. Strath Ban (Strathbane)
6. Coille An Fhasaich (The Woods of France)
7. Greas Ort Dhachaidh A DhEilean AFhraoich (Hurry On Home)
8. Si Morag Si Morag (It Was Morag)
Baintighearna Stiubhart (Lady Stewart)
Fear An Dun Mor (The Man From The Big House)
9. Nuair A Chi Thu Caileag Bhoidheach (Whenever You See A Pretty Girl)
10. Calum Sgaire (Calum Sgaire)
11. Nan Ceadaicheadh An Tide Dhomh (If Time Would Permit Me)
12. Nan Tigheadh Tu Idir (If Only You Would Come To Me)
13. Comunn Uibhist S Bharraidh (The Uist and Barra Association)
14. N Teid Thu Leam Mo Nighean Donn? (Will You Come With Me My Brown Haired Girl?)
15. A Fhleasgaich Oig Bi Furachail (Young Men Be Cautious)

Artists on this album:
Christine Primrose
Malcom Jones
Alison Kinnaird 
Allan MacDonald
Brian McNeill
Charlie Soane

Further Information:
Originally released in 1982, this album was re-released on CD in 1993 with two additional previously unreleased tracks included (tracks 14 & 15)

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD / DD / LP 1006  (TP 006)

Produced by Robin Morton

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