Alasdair White

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Alasdair White

Alasdair White is already well known as Battlefield Band’s virtuoso fiddle player. Since joining in the group in 1999, his musicianship and tune making have had a great influence on the group's repertoire and continuing success, and playing with Battlefield Band has given him that wider audience that his music deserves.

Alasdair comes from the Island of Lewis, one of the Gaelic speaking Outer Hebrides where music and culture remain strong daily forces. It would be easy to emphasise his youth, but in fact he is as complete a musician and composer as any of us have heard, of any age. Alasdair has been an award-winning fiddler since he emerged at age thirteen. The Scotsman praised him as a “13 year-old maestro of the Highland fiddle playing surging strathspeys and reels with maturity and expertise beyond his tender years”.

He recorded with Face The West, a band from Lewis, was selected to represent the Western Isles at the Millennium Dome in London, and then joined Battlefield Band at 18 years of age. He has since toured the world with the band, taking in America, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Europe, China and Uzbekistan along the way, and released his first solo album 'An Clàr Geal' in 2006.

For those fiddle enthusiasts among you, he plays in what might be called a “North-west” Scottish style, heavily derived from the piping tradition. For those that love just good music, then Alasdair’s playing and tune making offer a privileged panorama of the exciting traditional music of Scotland today.