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Alison Kinnaird MBE has an international reputation both as a professional Scottish harp player and visual artist. A recipient of multiple awards and accolades, she was recognised for her contribution to artistic and musical spheres in 1997 when she was presented with an M.B.E. for services to art and music.

One of the world's leading glass artists and engravers, with work in public, royal and private collections throughout Europe, America and the Far East, her glass art ranges from small intimate pieces, to architectural installations which incorporate light and colour.

As a musician, Alison's first instrument was cello, and she was a founder member of the Edinburgh Youth Orchestra. She has a degree in Celtic Studies and Archaeology and studied the harp under Jean Campbell in Edinburgh from the age of 14. She has won both the Clarsach Trophy at the National Mod and the Harp Competition in Pan Celtic Festival in Killarney.

Alison plays both gut and wire-strung harps and has recorded several critically acclaimed albums. She has been researching the repertoire of the harp in Scotland for more than twenty-five years, written several books of harp music, and co-authored the first published history of the harp in Scotland "The Tree of Strings". Her album "The Harp Key - Crann nan Teud" was the first ever recording of Scottish harp music, still essential listening for people interested in the Scottish harp. was recognized in 1997, when she was presented with an M.B.E. for services to art and music.

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