Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose

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 L-R: Christine Primrose and Alison Kinnaird

'Music of the Scottish Harp & Songs of the Scottish Gael'

Temple Records artists Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose are both well known as outstanding solo performers in their respective fields of Scottish harp music and traditional Gaelic song. Almost three decades ago they appeared together in a concert at the Edinburgh Festival and immediately struck up a rapport, both personally and professionally, and formed a musical partnership, which produced a unique blend of talents.

Christine’s beautiful voice with its effortless traditional style is accompanied by Alison’s sensitive harp playing in a way which supports the character of the song and adds an extra dimension to the music. Their performances have won acclaim in Scotland and abroad. They have been invited to sing and play in the United States, Canada and Europe, and also to teach their art in lectures and workshops on many occasions.

‘When a singer and a harpist, both with fine solo LPs to their credit, join up for a recording, the result can be musical magic’ ­
The Scotsman

‘The exquisite sound of the clarsach and the voices of both harpist Alison Kinnaird and Gaelic vocalist Christine Primrose proved the perfect refreshment’. ­
Forres Gazette

Solo albums by these artists can be found from their individual artist profiles, although Alison & Christine often guest on each other's albums.