Aly Bain

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Aly Bain

Dr. Aly Bain MBE is Scotland's supreme traditional style fiddler of his generation, and his unmistakable tone has earned him a following throughout the world. Born in Lerwick, Shetland in 1946 Aly began playing the fiddle at the age of eleven. In his early twenties, Aly headed to mainland Scotland. His dramatic playing, with great tone and technical ability brought early recognition as an outstanding musician of the folk music revival, and almost overnight, raised the level of expectation for music lovers throughout the country.

Aly embarked on a life of intensive playing, recording and travel that continues to this day. Having toured and played with Mike Whellans (who was later to become ' The One Man Blues Band') he joined Boys of the Lough with Cathal McConnell and Robin Morton (Temple Records owner and Battlefield Band's producer/manager) with whom he toured extensively and recorded for many years.Simultaneously, Aly pursued a solo career in collaborative and television projects. In addition to his solo albums he has appeared on albums by 'Hue and Cry', Eddie Reader, Richard Thomson and 'Fish'.

Aly has received many honours for his services to music, including four Doctorates and an M.B.E., and numerous Honorary Citizenships in the USA. He continues to be an ambassador for Scotland abroad and a powerful advocate for traditional music.

His teaming up with brilliant accordionist/composer Phil Cunningham has added yet another dimension of appreciation for audiences everywhere. They have toured and recorded together since 1988 and to date they have recorded four albums, released on Aly's own record label Whirlie Records.

Aly guests on the track 'Chapel Keithack' on Alison Kinnaird's debut album 'The Harp Key' (COMD1001), Temple Records first ever release.