Chuck Fleming

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Chuck FlemingChuck Fleming has had a long and illustrious career in music. Known as the “Fiery Fiddler”, he is in fact a multi-instrumentalist (Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards and Vocals) and has played with the JSD Band all over Great Britain and Europe and also toured the USA with them.

Chuck was also a founder member of Five Hand Reel and the Champion String Band. He then toured Britain and the USA with the Steel Skies Band, alongside concertina maestro Alistair Anderson – producing one album. He later formed a duo with Gerry Kaley, this band also issued one album, later they were joined by Kathryn Tickell and toured as a trio called The Side. He has played with numerous other well known musicians and appeared on TV several times. More recently Chuck has toured with singer guitarist Bobby Eagleshem.. Chuck has also written and performed on two Border TV documentaries, and performed in eight feature films of Catherine Cookson books.

Originally from Loanhead, near Edinburgh, Chuck now lives in County Durham.

Chuck appears on 'Fiddlers Five' (Temple Records COMD2044)