Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band

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Every era produces its innovators. In the late 70's and early 80's it was the Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band under P/M R.T.Shepherd who, through a refreshingly creative approach to their music, assumed that mantle.

They consistently produced exciting, interesting medley arrangements backed up by a quality sound, precision playing and a dynamic and tight drum section led by leading tip Jim King. It was these qualities that not only won the Dysart band two world titles and a string of other major championships but also made them very popular, especially with the younger generation of pipers and drummers of that time.

They had a legion of fanatical fans in Northern Ireland, a fact which made them the obvious choice for the very first Ballymena concert in 1980, an event which is now world famous. That historic night, with the numerous encores and standing ovation they recieved still ranks, in the estimation of many, as one of the best concerts ever heard.

After that event, the Northern Ireland pipe band enthusiasts were desperate to get the band back to play in County Hall, and in 1983 they again accepted the invitation to perform at Ballymena. This time the concert was recorded, and the characteristic innovative approach and exciting dynamic playing were captured for a wider audience to enjoy.
P/M Robert Mathieson

Temple Records has released one album by Dysart & Dundonald - 'Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band - Live in Concert, Ballymena 1983' (Temple Records COMD2053)