Hamish Moore

After graduating as a veterinary surgeon in 1975, Hamish Moore worked as a vet until 1986 when he retired from The Ministry of Agriculture in order to play music and make bagpipes professionally. Through his recordings, teaching, and pipe-making he has done much to promote the bellows blown pipes of Scotland.

Established in 1986, the family firm of David and Hamish Moore has built a world-wide reputation for excellence through the use of top quality materials, first class workmanship, attention to detail at all stages of manufacture, and good after-sales service. This is reflected by the ever increasing number of top solo pipers now playing Hamish Moore pipes. As a piper himself, Hamish has always striven to produce pipes which have a round full tone, are well balanced between the chanter and drones, are harmonically rich and of an appropriate volume. Beautiful as the pipes are, it is the uniquely rich sound which most impresses all who hear Hamish's pipes. Hamish's son Fin, another fine piper (on the left in the photo), has now joined the firm to carry on the good work.

Due to the social, political and religious history of this country much of the rich, colourful diversity of piping culture has been tragically lost and Hamish has been at the fore-front of a renaissance promoting a pre-military style of piping. This has been achieved principally through his integrated approach to teaching, where the music is taught through the medium of Gaelic song and as part of the old step dance rhythms.

Hamish appears on the Temple Records compilation CD release 'A Celebration of Scottish Music' (Temple Records COMD2003)