Jim Hunter

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Jim Hunter learned the Highland pipes as a child and in his early teens picked up the guitar and taught himself to play. Influenced by delta blues players, he developed his own style of playing with emphasis on slide and bottle-neck guitar. To hear Jims music for the first time is to hear a style of music like no other. Maybe, however, the real point is not whether Jim Hunter and his band are folk, or folk-rock, or traditional, or modern, but that they are vigorous, fresh and different.

Hunter is one of Scotlands leading singers, crafting strong lyrics and playing a fine guitar. In the tradition of the best, his voice is instantly recognisable, his lyrics can silence the most crowded room and his songs range from forceful ballads to more rock-orientated numbers. If there is one word to describe Jim and his music it is passion.

Jim has released two albums on Temple Records. The first, 'Uphill Slide' (Temple Records COMD2040), is a compilation made up from two cassettes that Jim released on his own behalf in 1988 and 1989, to which two new tracks have been added.

Jim's second album on Temple is 'Fingernail Moon' (Temple Records COMD2047)