Maire Ni Chathasaigh

Maire Ni Chathasaigh has an international reputation as an exponent of traditional Irish music on the harp. Brought up bilingually, in a musical family, Maire began to play the Irish harp at the age of twelve. She was already proficient in a variety of instruments, notably piano, fiddle and whistle. She has won the harp competitions at the Fleadh Cheoil na h-Eirann and at the Killarney Pan-Celtic Festival on several occasions. She also holds an honours degree in Celtic studies.

Maire’s unique approach to the instrument has been a prime influence on Irish harp playing for many years. With her knowledge of traditional music, as played on other instruments, an ear for her native music, and analytical habit of mind she has evolved a traditional style for her instrument – particularly in relation to dance music – which is outstanding. The techniques of ornamentation which she has developed have been adapted in a manner uniquely suited and appropriate to the Irish harp. Combined with a sensitive handling of arrangement, all this makes for an artist who can approach a wide range of Irish music.

Winner of the prestigious TG4 Irish Traditional Musician of the Year in 2001, Maire has performed and traveled widely throughout the U.S., Europe and as far afield as Libya. She has broadcast extensively and is a regular adjudicator at harp competitions. She currently tours with one of England's finest guitarists, Chris Newman.

Maire has released one album on Temple Records: ‘The New Strung Harp’ (Temple Records 2019) - her first solo album.