Nuala Kennedy

One of the most dynamic and respected performers in traditional music, Nuala Kennedy grew up in Dundalk, Co. Louth, a musical area which has long historical links with Scotland. Her singing and flute playing springs from both the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland, and a combination of the best influences of the two cultures.

Whilst living in Scotland, Nuala's passion for traditional music was further strengthened and this is where she honed her instrumental skills. The result was a comprehensive repertoire of Scottish and Irish tunes. Deepening her knowledge of Scots Gaelic, she moved to the Highlands to undertake a year of intensive study and her on-going interest in Scottish Gaelic song also came to the fore, adding to her already large repertoire of Irish songs.

A member of the critically acclaimed trio Fine Friday, alongside guitarist Kris Drever and fiddler Anna-Wendy Stevenson, she has also performed and recorded with Will Oldham and cutting-edge Canadian composer Oliver Schroer. Nuala is also part of the traditional Irish group OIRIALLA: performing the music and song of her native South-East Ulster, which features Irish music legends Gerry 'fiddle' O'Connor, accordionist Martin Quinn and the acclaimed Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot.

Furthering her knowledge of the tradition, Nuala undertook a Masters Degree in Music Performance and Composition, which she completed with distinction from Newcastle University in 2011. The result of this was an even deeper understanding and commitment to traditional music, which is evident in her powerful and passionate performances.