Robin Morton

Robin MortonRobin Morton, Temple Records founder, comes from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland. While at University in Belfast he formed the Folk Music Society, played in and organised concerts, published two collections of Ulster folksongs and produced a number of albums for Topic Records.

In 1967, with Tommy Gunn and Cathal McConnell, he founded Boys Of The Lough and played at various festivals and clubs on the UK mainland, mostly Scotland. He came to Scotland in 1969 to work on a PhD (lapsed!) at Edinburgh University.

By 1971 Boys Of The Lough were back on the road; McConnell, Richardson, Bain and Morton. They made an album, toured the USA and by 1973 were a full time band touring the world. Robin played and looked after the appearances of the band until 1979. During those years he continued to produce albums for Topic and other 'folk' labels.

Late in 1979 Robin formed Temple Records, to create an outlet for the superb Scottish (and Irish) music which was being ignored by the mainstream labels, and shortly afterwards the label opened its own recording studio. By late 1980 Robin had taken on the management of Battlefield Band, a relationship that has flourished to this day.

Robin was Director of the Edinburgh Folk Festival for three years (from 1986-1988) and formed Kinmor Music publishing and a small video production company. With the help of a dedicated staff - and every Sunday off - he and the record label are still going strong.