Sean O'Donnell

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Best known as one quarter of the great Scottish group Battlefield Band, Sean O'Donnell is highly accomplished guitarist and singer. He was born and brought up in Derry, Northern Ireland, and moved to Scotland in 1996 quickly becoming involved in the music scene here; playing with the award- winning Scots Irish band Beneche and The Emily Smith Band, as well as with Michael McGoldrick and Daimh.

Sean joined Battlefield Band in 2005 and has become a keystone of the group's sound: his soulful vocals and driving rhythmic guitar adding so much to the mix. As a recent reviewer noted: “O'Donnell is a revelation; from his heartfelt & moving vocals when taking the lead, and his subtly complimentary harmonies when supporting a song, he is a truly expressive singer who has matured and developed over his period with the group”