Alan Reid - Recollection

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This collection takes a retrospective look at just some of the fine songs Alan Reid wrote during his forty years with Scottish folk icons Battlefield Band, following his retirement from the group at the end of 2010. It's difficult to distill such a large body of work into one album but these eighteen songs, chosen by Alan, feature some highlights and overlooked gems.

Alan joined Battlefield Band in 1969, at a time when they were morphing from a ‘covers band’, into a ‘folk group’. They quickly became pre-eminent in the emerging Scottish Traditional music scene, becoming established firmly at the forefront and still remaining there today. He traveled the world with them, on every step of their journey - which along the way saw them declared ‘a national treasure’ - and has been involved in over thirty outstanding and critically acclaimed albums. Over the years, while the line-up changed and morphed, Alan remained in the  engine room, as the ‘father and son’ of Battlefield Band.

Alan is a fine songwriter - held in high regard by his peers - and his songs cover a great range of subjects and emotions. His muse has led him from broad sweeping historical ballads to perceptive and intense character studies and deceptively simple and engaging love songs. These songs have been an important part of Battlefield Band’s repertoire but, now that he has stepped down, it gives us the opportunity to highlight some of his personal favourites in their own right. These are fine pieces of writing, and a record of a distinguished and continuing career in Scottish music, but most importantly of all, they’re great songs.

" album of treasures..."
Pete Fyfe, UK Folk Music

"...a great collection of material... focuses us on Alan Reid’s amazing contribution to Scottish music... often copied but seldom bettered, it is true to say that many of today’s crop of excellent Scottish bands would not be around if not for Alan and Battlefield Band..."
The Living Tradition

Track list: 01: The Road of Tears 02: The Pleasure Will Be Mine 03: The Devil’s Courtship 04: The Green And The Blue 05: The Dear Green Place 06: The Riccarton Tollman’s Daughter 07: The Green Plaid 08: Love No More 09: Jenny O’ The Braes 10: The Gallant Grahams 11: Allan McLean 12: The River 13: I Am The Common Man 14: Three Brothers 15: Jock The Can 16: Whit Can A Lassie Dae? 17: The Arran Convict 18: Christ Has My Hart Ay

Artists on this album:

Alan Reid
Battlefield Band, Sean O’Donnell, Mike Katz, Alasdair White, Davy Steele, John McCusker, Karine Polwart, Kate Rusby , Alastair Russell, Iain MacDonald, Brian McNeill,, Mike Katz, Alasdair White, Ged Foley, Duncan MacGillivray,  Eric Rigler,  Jenny Clark, Gillian MacDonald & Dougie Pincock

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2011

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2103
Download - DD 2103

Record production: Robin Morton 
Remastered by Ewan MacGregor

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