Allan MacDonald and Gordon Walker - The Piping Centre Third Recital Series (1998) - Vol. II

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This 3rd series of recitals from the Piping Centre once again features Highland pipers who are amongst the Worlds leading performers in this music. Each recital was recorded in front of a live and enthusiastic audience in the Centres auditorium, which provides the perfect setting for these events. A range of contrasting styles from the featured players provides added attraction in this collectors series which showcases the very best in Highland pipe music.

The 1998 recitalists are:
Brian Lamond and Richard Parkes (1998 Recital Series - Vol I)
Allan MacDonald and Gordon Walker (1998 Recital Series - Vol II)

Other recording in this series include:
Jack Lee and P/M Alasdair Gillies (1996 Recital Series - Vol I) 
John D. Burgess and Donald MacPherson (1996 Recital Series - Vol II)
Willie Morrison and Dr. Angus MacDonald (1996 Recital Series - Vol III)
Angus MacColl and Gordon Duncan (1996 Recital Series - Vol IV)
William McCallum and Bob Worrall (1997 Recital Series - Vol I)
John Patrick and Stuart Liddell (1997 Recital Series - Vol II)
Arthur Gillies and Major Gavin Stoddart (1997 Recital Series - Vol III)
Ian Duncan and Roddy MacLeod (1997 Recital Series - Vol IV)

Track list:
1. Dunvegan Castle (6/8 March)/Pipers Farewell to Whisky (6/8 March)/Nell Flahertys Drake(6/8 March)/The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow (6/8 March
2. Duncan MacRae of Kintails Lament (Pibroch)/March of the King of Laoise (Martial Piece)
3. Mary weep for me no more (Quickstep)/Willie Cameron (Quickstep)/Sandy McNab (Quickstep)
4. Se do thurus a Mhicheil (Song Air)/Thug an duine truagh mi (Reel)/Tha Fionnlagh ag innearach (Reel)/Contrary (Reel)/Out the door and over the wall (Balkan Tune)
5. Pipe Major Angus MacDonald (3/4 March)/Shores of Lough Leane (Reel)
6. Donald Archie MacDonald (2/4 March)/Ardanachan (Strathspey)/Successful Lover (Reel)
7. Sad the parting (Air)/Dr. John MacInnes (Jig)/Handshaker (Jig)/Dr. Flora MacAuley (Jig)
8. Up and Waur Them A Willie (2/4 March)/MacKays Farewell to the 71st (2/4 March)/Ill gang Nae Mair tae Yon Toon (2/4 March)/P/M Wm. Rosss Farewell tot he 2nd Battalion S.G. (2/4 March)
9. Balmoral Castle (Strathspey)/Cuttys Wedding (Strathspey)/McPhedrans Strathspey (Strathspey)/Mac An Irish (Strathspey)/Chrissie Macleod (Reel)/Molly on the Shore (Reel)/The Brolum (Reel)/Jack Daniels Reel (Reel)
10. The Argyllshire Gathering (2/4 March)/The Abercairney Gathering (2/4 March)
11. The Shepherds Crook (Strathspey)/Maggie Cameron (Strathspey)/Miss Proud (Reel)/The Sheepwife (Reel)
12. The Knightswood Ceilidh (March)/John Roy Stewart (Strathspey)/The Smith of Chilliechassie (Reel)
13. Tom Keldies Birthday (Strathspey)/The Maclennans of Croy (Strathspey)/Captain Horne (Strathspey)/J. F. MacKenzie Esq., of Garrynahine, Stornoway (Strathspey)/Cheerful Tam (Strathspey)/Spitfire (Strathspey)/Kenneth Mhor (Reel)/Marion & Donald (Reel)/Sleepy Maggie (Reel)/The Macfarlanes Reel (Reel)/The Maid Behing The Bar (Reel)/Jenny Dang The Weaver (Reel)
14. The Drunken Ghost (Jig)/The Miserable Piper of Dundee (Jig)/Granny Duncan (Jig)/Maj Nickersons Fancy (Jig)

Artists on this album:
Allan MacDonald
Gordon Walker 

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records
Released: 2001

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2088
Download - DD 2088

Record Production: Robin Morton

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