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There's some great Gaelic music and song on Temple Records. Our superb collection features singers and musicians such as Flora MacNeil, Christine Primrose, Arthur Cormack, Eilidh Mackenzie & the great Finlay MacNeill.

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Video: Flora MacNeil sings 'Mo Run Geal Og' May 17 2019

The late, great Gaelic singer Flora MacNeil sings 'Mo run geal og' (My fair young love) on this recording taken from her 1976 album Craobh Nan Ubhal.

Until 14th June 2019, we're offering a 25% discount on all titles in our Gaelic Music & Song Collection when you buy more than one album from it.

You can find Craobh Nan Ubhal and other Gaelic music and song albums on Temple Records here.

Video: Battlefield Band & Special Guests: Beg & Borrow - music shared by the Scottish & Irish traditions April 11 2019

Scotland & Ireland are separated by only twelve miles of water at their nearest point, so it’s not surprising that their cultures have begged, borrowed (and maybe even stolen) much from each other over the centuries.

Battlefield Band, one of the great institutions of Scottish traditional music
, invited twelve special guests (one for each of the twelve miles) to explore and play the music and songs shared by these two vibrant cultures, and the result was the 'Beg & Borrow' album. The tune here is 'The Drunken Piper' played by Battlefield Band and featuring some fine moothie playing, courtesy of the mighty Mike Whellans. Enjoy!

You can find the 'Beg & Borrow' album here.

Featured Recording: Packie Duignan - The House on the Hill February 22 2019

Here's a fine reel played by the great Irish flute player Packie Duignan, from Arigna, County Roscommon - enjoy!

This recording was originally made in 1978 for an album by Packie and fiddler Seamus Horan which was produced by Robin Morton for Topic Records. After the album later became unavailable some of the tracks from it, including this one, were released on the Temple Records compilation album Irish Traditional Music.

Featured Recording: Chapel Keithack by Alison Kinnaird & Aly Bain February 01 2019

Here's a look and listen back to a superb duet from way back in 1977, featuring the great fiddler Aly Bain together with renowned Scottish harper Alison Kinnaird. This recording of the William Marshall tune 'Chapel Keithack' appeared on Alison's debut album 'The Harp Key', which became the first release on the Temple Records label.


Battlefield Band's recording of Robert Burns' - 'To a Mouse' January 25 2019

To celebrate the Bard of Ayrshire, here's Battlefield Band's musical take on 'To a Mouse', one of Robert Burns' best-loved poems, set to a melody by Alan Reid. This recording is taken from Battlefield Band's album 'The Road of Tears', and you can find this album, plus others featuring a musical approach to Burns' work, in our Robert Burns Collection

As Seamus Heaney once said of this poem  '...the great thing about it is the way it can warm the heart and face the music at the same time’

This song also appears in the award winning show 'Glasgow Girls', a life-affirming Scottish drama based on the true story of teenagers whose lives change forever when their school friend and her asylum-seeking family are forcibly taken from their home to be deported. You can find out more about Glasgow Girls, including the most recent show dates, here.

Featured Album: James Scott Skinner - The Strathspey King December 19 2018

Time for a look & listen back to 'The Strathspey King, an album of recordings by James Scott Skinner (1843–1927). Skinner is a legendary character and a key figure in Scottish traditional music. He took the art of Scottish fiddle music to a new height through his playing and his compositions. This album gives the listener a chance to hear the man himself perform tunes which are so well known and played throughout the tradition.

You can listen to clips from the album and read more about it below, and you can purchase the CD or a download (with album sleevenotes) here.

The Strathspey King album features Skinner recordings from the period 1905-1922, which were originally recorded on cylinder and early vinyl discs. These recordings were first released as a collection in the 1970s by Topic Records, but due to the original recording process they were extremely noisy, some of them to the point where the quality of the recording distracted from the music itself. When Temple Records released this album in 2002, we utilised advances in modern audio technology and processed the original tracks with sophisticated CEDAR processing equipment to remove as much of the background noise and hiss as possible, without affecting the quality of the music. We've included two versions of the final track on the album - one processed with noise removal, and one untreated - to illustrate the difference.

As Bruce MacGregor says - "We'll never truly know what went on in Skinner's mind, or fully understand what drove him on; in many respects it doesn't really matter. What is clear is that his music possesses the unique elements of Scottish music; passion, vigour, heart and soul"

"The Strathspey King is all that a reissue should be, important music with improved sound, informative illustrated notes and a generous twenty two tracks all beautifully presented. This is a superb and important release. Please buy it - who knows what gems could be reissued next if enough interest is shown in this one. Brilliant"
The Living Tradition

Featured Album: A Celebration of Scottish Music December 07 2018

We think it's time for a look back and listen to this great compilation album, 30 years after it was first released in 1988. A Celebration of Scottish Music celebrates the musical heritage of Scotland, played by some of the best musicians and singers in the field. These artists didn't (and don't) view their tradition as something of the past, but as a vibrant, contemporary music, as relevant today as it ever was.


This release was named after a concert of the same title, which was held in Edinburgh in 1986 to celebrate the hosting of the Commonwealth games, and features many of the artists who appeared in that show including Battlefield Band, Alison Kinnaird (harp), Cilla Fisher (Lowland singer), Christine Primrose (Gaelic singer), Hamish Moore (Lowland pipes), Jim Johnstone and his Band (Scottish dance band) and Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band.

Find out more about the album at

"The selection of music covers a wide range, and is unlikely to leave anyone disappointed. Splendid stuff, and highly recommended"

Christine Primrose MBE December 01 2018

Photo: Steven McKenzie - Cànan Graphics Studio

Congratulations from everyone at Temple Records to the great Gaelic singer Christine Primrose, who has been awarded a MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 'Services to Gaelic Music to Culture and to Education in Scotland and Internationally'. We couldn't be more pleased that she has been given this recognition of her work and talent that she so thoroughly deserves.

Christine blazed a trail for Scottish Gaelic song at a time when it was not widely known or appreciated and is rightly regarded as one of the great singers of her generation. Her seminal first album Àite mo Ghaoil (1982) broke down barriers of all kinds, introducing the living tradition of Gaelic song to a worldwide audience who could appreciate the beauty of the song, and the talent of the singer, regardless of language. She continued to contribute to and consolidate the developing understanding and appreciation for Gaelic song and culture with her superb performances,  acclaimed albums and invaluable teaching at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in Skye and further afield.

The award of an MBE caps a remarkable recent period in Christine Primrose's life and career. In  2017 she was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame and was also the subject of an hour long BBC profile on her life and work. In addition, her most recent release 'Gràdh is Gonadh – Guth ag aithris' - a solo recording of poignancy and depth - has proved a milestone in the career of this increasingly important artist and singer.

Temple Records are very honoured to have supported such a uniquely talented and deserving individual over the decades - well done Christine!

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Photo Credit Steven McKenzie - Cànan Graphics Studio

40 years of Temple Records! July 20 2018

Temple RecordsTemple Records has now been around for forty years!

We're proud to have been supporting and releasing such great traditional music and musicians for four decades. It's always been a labour of love rather than a 'job', and we hope that the music we've released has been as important to you as it has been to us.