Jack Lee and PM Alasdair Gillies - The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Vol I

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In the Autumn of 1996, Glasgow's new Piping Centre heralded its opening by hosting a piping recital series. The Centre's custom-built auditorium provided the ideal venue for the series which was designed to showcase the best in Highland piping and featured several of the worlds most celebrated names.

The concerts lived up to, and indeed surpassed, all expectations, providing us with an archive of music which will surely be a must for any piping enthusiasts collection.

The 1996 recitalists are:
Jack Lee and P/M Alasdair Gillies (1996 Recital Series - Vol I)
John D. Burgess and Donald MacPherson (1996 Recital Series - Vol II)
Willie Morrison and Dr. Angus MacDonald (1996 Recital Series - Vol III)
Angus MacColl and Gordon Duncan (1996 Recital Series - Vol IV)

Other recording in this series include:
William McCallum and Bob Worrall (1997 Recital Series - Vol I)
John Patrick and Stuart Liddell (1997 Recital Series - Vol II)
Arthur Gillies and Major Gavin Stoddart (1997 Recital Series - Vol III)
Ian Duncan and Roddy MacLeod (1997 Recital Series - Vol IV)
Brian Lamond and Richard Parkes (1998 Recital Series - Vol I)
Allan MacDonald and Gordon Walker (1998 Recital Series - Vol II)

Track list:
1. Tom Wilson The 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio The Homewrecker The Brolum The High Road To Linton
2. The Old Womans Dance Biddy From Sligo Michael Grey
3. The 93rd At Modder River Caber Feidh The Little Cascade
4. Donella Beaton Geese In The Bog Harry MacAleers Favourite Andrew and Colin Lee
5. The Big Spree

6. John MacDonald of Glencoe Hugh Kennedy MA, B.Sc
7. The Deer Forest An t-Alltan Duby Cailin Mo Run-sa The Foxhunter The Foxhunter
8. Jane Campbell Sarah Lawrie The Step Dancer Lochfyneside Cota Mor Ealasaid Nameless Reel I Am A Poor Man Ruidhle Bean Aonghais Ruaidh (Red Anguss Wifes Reel) MacPhersons Rant Brenda Stubbert
9. Sad Am I To Be In Ireland The Ceilidh Lines The Tourist Nancy MacInnes Kenny MacDonalds Jig
10. Pipe Major John Stewart Athole Cummers John MacKechnie
11. Moll Roe Drops of Brandy Gie Us A Drink Of Water Welcome The Piper Paddy Be Easy The Weaver Donald MacLennans Exercise

Artists on this album:
Jack Lee
Pipe Major Alasdair Gillies

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records
Released: 1997

Temple Records Catalogue Number:
CD - COMD 2064
Download - DD 2064

Record Production: Robin Morton

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