Deaf Heights Cajun Aces - Les Flammes D'Enfer

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One of the first Scottish bands to play quality Cajun music - and not just a pastiche. This album has been well received in the United States, especially in Louisiana. Frequently commented on is the highly authentic and expert accordion of Kim Tebble. Dance music for people who like to listen as well.

"... provides an authentic Cajun sound throughout ... consistently good foot-tapping music from start to finish"

"13 rollicking great tunes, all with the strictest adherence to authenticity"

"... this is thick, authentic Cajun music, its roots firmly in the swampland and Bayou"

Track list:
1. Les Flammes D'Enfer
2. Madame Edouarde 
3. New Pinegrove Blues
4. Grand Mamou
5. Moi Et Mon Cousin
6. La Danse De La Limonade
7. Bosco Strip
8. Bayou Pom Pom
9. Colinda
10. La Robe Barree
11. Allons A Lafayette
12. Tit Galot
13. Hackberry Zydeco

Artists on this album:
Kim Tebble
Adam Trent
Auto Elliot
Hamish McDougall
Colin McKenzie

Further Information:
First released in 1987 . Re-issued on CD in 1998

Temple Records Catalogue Number:    
CD - COMD 2025
Download - DD 2025

Produced by Robin Morton

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